We the People Reform Coalition is an unregistered, non-partisan CONCEPT  placing before the public a process for bringing together organized people (the only thing that can beat organized money), around four core concepts that are essential to restoring the Republic: Electoral Reform, a Coalition Cabinet, a Balanced Budget, and True Cost Economics.

America is too complicated — and the two-party bi-opoly too corrupt – to continue electing one person who then pays off their largest campaign contributors with Cabinet positions.  Instead, I have chosen to offer the American people an opportunity to elect a coalition team and a philosophy that restores government Of, By, and For We the People.



The Average American identified by Kevin O’Keefe would make a stellar president under this system, and that is its power.  I hope this helps those whose minds stop as “the man” to go beyond “the man” and think deeply about “the system.”  It is the team and the integrated four ideas of Electoral Reform, Coalition Cabinet and Balanced Budget announced in advance, and a commitment to True Cost Economics, that this web site is presenting, is the only honest effective alternative to theatrical mockery of democracy we have been too ready to accept.  Read on.  Here is the full Directory.



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