G Obvious Needed Cuts

The Reform Coalition will be crowd-sourcing the Balanced Budget concept.  A variety of tools are available online to help citizens study the actual budget, but not to understand the many deceptions that are contained in the budget and the politicized mendacious discussions of both issues and realities such as the deficit and the debt.

Corruption in Washington has led to 50% of education, energy, health, intelligence, and military dollars being fraud, waste, or abuse.  America is not poor in financial terms, only in terms of integrity–we have become a cheating culture led by a corrupt Congress and a corrupt Executive with a corrupt Supreme Court all too happy to confirm that corporations are “people.”

We have loaded Ron Paul’s “Plan to Restore America,” because it is the ONLY serious plan out there.  While we have some reservations (such as putting 325,000 federal employees/direct contractors (Energy Laboratories) into the unemployment pool, while also cancelling roughly one million contractor positions associated with the closed agencies, we also have substantive improvements (the Automated Payment Transaction or APT Tax allows the elimination of the Internal Revenue Service over time, and increases government revenues to pay off debt, save Social Security, and enhance Medicare), on balance, this is the best available starting point.


Here are some of the links that citizens can use to explore cuts for discussion on this page.  We know we can do this — citizens on television, given just one hour, cut two trillion  — compare that with the corrupt two-party commission that was not able to cut anything of significance.

NEEDED: Provide an online, visually interactive, one-stop-shop, federal budget website.

Budget Puzzle: You Fix the Budget

Federal Budget Lesson Plan: Online Interactive Game Lets Students Make Federal Budget Decisions

Federal Budget Public Consultation Exercise

Interactive: What Is Non-Defense Discretionary Spending?

National Budget Simulation

Online Version of Principles and Priorities Budget Game

“Reality-Based Budgeting: How to permanently resolve state budget gaps”

Stabilize the Debt: An Online Exercise in Hard Choices

The President’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2012*

*  Medicare is a major issue because Congress is corrupt and has mandated 100% non-negotiable payment of full price as demanded by the pharmaceutical companies.  Canada pays 10% of what we do, and the rest of the world 1%.  Over 95% of the future shortfalls in Medicare can be attributed to bi-partisan Congressional corruption rather than actual  cost.  In a related deception, the actual cost of the military inclusive of veteran costs is severely understated.


All cuts will be crowd-sourced for discussion, deliberation, and decision.


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