Quinnipiac University Poll Predicts Sanders Over Trump – Four Reasons This is Wrong…

Bird Button PNGPresident Bernie Sanders? New Poll Tips Sanders To Defeat Clinton And Prevail Over Trump [Report]

A national poll carried out by Quinnipiac University predicts that not only will Bernie Sanders defeat Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party nomination come June, but will beat Donald Trump by a landslide to become America’s next President in November, 2016. A report published in The Hill showed that Sanders will defeat the Republican candidate in a general election by 13 percentage points, with the former leading with 51 percent to Trump’s 38 percent.

BigBatUSA: Not true for four reasons:

01 Clinton will use electronic fraud, money, and many stupid people to win the nomination including the stealing of primaries Sanders will win legitimately.

02 Sanders is committed to not running as an Independent and refusing to listen to my ideas on the electoral reform game plan that would indeed carry him to both the nomination and victory

03 If it were Sanders versus Trump all the Republican Governors would optimize electronic fraud in their states for Trump, and Trump will have the complete support of Florida and Ohio.

04 Trump may still get a brain and expand the tent once he has the nomination.

NOT KNOWN if whether Jon Huntsman, Jim Webb, or Angus King will come in with money from Michael Bloomberg and others to win as an Independents

NOT KNOWN if impact of Trump not getting the nomination and instead taking the Libertarian nomination that has been offered to him.

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