Graphic: Founding Citizen, 2nd American Revolution or Founding Citizen,1st Global Revolution


Every donor of $100 or more receives this certificate if they are a US person, or the below certificate if they are citizens of another country. #UNRIG is a global revolution that is rooted in America First but will quickly spread to Australia, Canada, and other locations.  Cynthia and I are talking about an international tour as soon as the testing and Nazi health pass madness is over.

You are free to download this to a powerpoint, insert your name, add the date and place below our names, and print for framing. Hopefully you will donate $100 to

Every donor gets a direct email from me asking for how they wish to have their name appear on the Honor Roll, and what state and county they are from. Constitutional Counties are a game-changing factor, led by Constitutional Sheriffs. Cynthia and I are organizing pastors, doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, and others along those lines.  We are blessed to have the interest of Prayer Groups that see that our focus on RESURRECTION is rooted in the imperative  to restore faith, family, and freedom.