National Tour: Day Plan Update 2

Tour General

0900 Hotel meetings with the following intended:

A. County Sheriffs & Veterans. Free training by Sheriff Richard Mack
B. County PowerCells. Free open discussion with Dr. Cynthia McKinney
C. Truth for Life. Free open discussion with Robert, Leigh, Penny, others.

All participants will be pointed toward My Patriots Network as a town hall.

1200 lunch with local leaders particularly Trumpers, Sandernistas, Libertarians, Greens, and Independents as well as representative pastor, doctor, lawyer, other who will share stage with us at 1400 — crew is setting up three buses and stage from this time on, 4th bus remains at hotel to transport team to event location, generally the largest high school football stadium or if inclement weather, basketball stadium.

1330 Team moves to event site in command bus accompanied by sheriffs if available and bikers if available — lights on!

1400-1700 event for two hours and one hour VIP/photo line while crew breaks down stage and audio — volunteers likely to be eager to help, receive #UNRIG cap with embroidered eagle in thanks — those who appear with #UNRIG cap are treated as VIPs in special front section.

1900 stop for dinner

2200-2400 arrive at hotel, tour manager gets and distributes keys, everyone can bunker in for showers and a good sleep.