National Tour: High School FootBall Stadiums

Tour General

We invite everyone along our route to nominate a high school football stadium where we can do our show and engage with 1,000 to 2,000 citizens & patriots without regard to party, race, creed, etcetera.


If the buses are not allowed on the track we will have a giant banner we can set up as a backdrop and a light truck to deliver the staging.

We have hired a Tour Manager as well as a Music Director, and both will be coordinating all 65+ stops — the first for location and hotel, the second for local musicians that will join us on stage.  I am also personally committed to putting a Libertarian and an Independent on stage every time we stop, as well as a Trumper and a Sandernista and if available, a Green.

People, not parties.  Authentic, inclusive, truthful.