Funds Needed


We need to raise $18,000 a day for 111 days to pay all the bills, or $40K per state. While sponsors may emerge, this tour is Of, By, and For We the People.

I am absolutely confident that God — and his Angel Patriots — will prevail.

Rough cut on expenses below, updated 11 April 2021 to factor in increased technical and compensation costs.

  • $825,000 Five buses at $165K for 100 days inclusive of drivers & gas
  • $400,000 Compensation for 30 people over five months
  • $250,000 Technical Production Movie Gear Including Drone & Leasing
  • $160,000 Email List & County Forum Management
  • $90,000 Hotel rooms/food for 20 people each of 90 nights with discount
  • $47,500 Wraps (four buses and stage truck pulling tractor)
  • $30,000 Gas and Hotels for Scott McKay’s Team (He Funds Own Bus)
  • $20,000 Assistants Generating Certificates and Updating Honor Roll
  • $15,000 Truck carrying stage and audio, and trailer
  • $15,000 Special Project Being Towed, Details After I See It Working
  • $100,000 Reserve — lots of expenses not yet factored in

Bottom line: $2,002,500.00.

What price UNITY WITH INTEGRITY? Help us if you can.

Donations are tax deductible for US Citizens.

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