National Tour: Prayer Groups & Christian Collectivism

Tour General

Cynthia and I are reaching out to black as well as mega churches across America, and it is our hope that our journey will be a blessed event that brings all of us together — UNITY WITH INTEGRITY — on the common theme of

Faith, Family, & Freedom

The restoration of family farms and neighborhoods and one-income families living in multi-generational homes is part of the sub-text.

Localization is  the opposite of globalization.

Christian Collectivism, a term I and one of my mentors coined, is the opposite of both communism and fascism, which is what we have now.

Death to Cultural Marxism. Death to the Deep State. Death to traitors.

Start with #UNRIG – STOP THE $DOLLARS$.  No money for any politician, ever.

Ascension Christianity

On Ascension Christianity: Huey P. Long, Donald J. Trump, and the New Great Awakening

Muslims and Jews who renounce Shariah and Noahide laws are welcome to live in peace in America, but no individual loyal to another nation (e.g. China, England, Israel, Russia) over their own should be allowed to commit treason on a daily basis.