National Tour: Message

Tour General

Here is the standard email that each donor will receive, it outlined my vision of what donors need to know as we seek local allies for ARISE USA Resurrection Tour.

SUBJECT:  ARISE USA National Tour Donation Thank You & Request for Information

Thank you for donating to our ARISE USA Resurrection Tour focused on Constitutional Counties and on Faith, Family, & Freedom with Election Reform, Individual Sovereignty, and the Truth as well as Open Source Engineering (10% the cost of predatory proprietary engineering controlled by the banks) as sub-themes.

Please answer these four questions so we  can properly honor you:

  • Name as you wish it to appear on your certificate:
  • County:
  • State:
  • May we post your name to the Honor Roll (or specify Anonymous or provide a code name you like in lieu of your name being published)?

The tour route is locked in but dates may change slightly as we add other stops.  You are automatically subscribed to the daily update email for the tour.
We believe this needs to be an annual tour through at least 2024, so we will be building relationships intended to last.  At each stop Sheriff Mack will offer free training to sheriffs which Cynthia McKinney offers free County PowerCell training, and Robert and others offer a Citizen Round-Table on Truth for Life.
Downloadable flyers are going to be available at the website should you wish to print them and distribute them for storefront displays. We are looking for a high school to host our event either on the football field or if inclement weather in the auditorium, at each stop.

We are also recruiting local musician volunteers and local small party leaders — Constitution, Green, Libertarian, Sandernistas — to join us for lunch and on stage to discuss #UNRIG Election Reform Act, STOP THE $DOLLARS$, and how to deprive the DNC and GOP of their monopoly on federal and state and local legislative, judicial, and executive power.

Email me directly at if you have any leads.

NOTE: I am working 14-15 hour days 7 days a week.  I cannot engage with individuals less donors. We are all refusing invitations to “come to dinner” or “come speak to my group.” This is a tightly disciplined national tour, if you want access to any of us over the next 120 days arrange to join the tour at one of the designated locations. Everything will be free.