ARISE USA Downloadable Flyer & Top Cartoons


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We discussed shortening the tour.  Many of us including the musicians are making a sacrifice to leave  their jobs and families for this tour. We decided it was more important to hit as many stops as possible which also reduces driving times so everyone can be in bed by midnight at the next stop. If we need to switch people out so be it but Cynthia McKinney and I will be at every stop without fail.

We are feeling our way here — nothing like this has ever been done before by a group of citizens not backed by a political party or a Deep State enterprise. This is very much in God’s hands — and yours. We pledge our sacred honor in service to one another and to America the Beautiful as it must be resurrected.

Our tour begins spirtually on Easter Sunday. ARISE USA! Let us resurrect faith, family, & freedom, and do so rooted in Constitutional Counties, #UNRIG Election Reform, & the Truth.

The below cartoons are poster sized and printable. This is our vision.