Founding Citizen Certificates – 2nd American Revolution, 1st Global Revolution


RETIRED – Cynthia has opted out of the tour, I wish her well, always.

Here are samples of the two certificates we are issuing to all donors, with $100 the recommended donation but any amount is honored.  Each donor is asked to complete a form to nail down their name as they wish it to appear, their state and their county (or province and country if international, and their wishes on how to be listed on the Honor Roll — name, or Anonymous, or a code name.

Second certificate and donation information are below the fold.

We are seeking several sponsors at $500K each minimum, but realistically this tour only works if we can get $25,000 in individual donations for each of the 50 states (we will fly to Hawaii and Alaska), that means we need, from EACH of the 50 states, for  250 citizens to donate $100 each, for this tour (and the videos along the way as well as the final movie) to be a sure  thing success.

All donations are tax deductible for US taxpayers.