Funding: We Are Adding Options


Checks now exceed PayPal and I understand that since many people do not trust PayPal.  I have worked hard to not be a candidate for deplatforming by running a serious non-profit that offers free to the public nine websites, four movies, and a national tour that will be a fifth movie and perhaps a book, while respecting PayPal’s right to charge 3% for its superb services.

We are going to expand PayPal to accept credit cards, I used to have that and forgot how to do it, am hiring a full time person for accounting who will.

We are going to expand Stripe to where it can accept donations and credit cards.

We are adding Square.

I have two law firms on retainer, one of them forced Twitter to back down within four hours of notice when they blocked one of my affiliates as a “hate speech” site when they were in fact a Faith, Family, & Freedom site.

I will state clearly my belief that those who are using “hate speech” to censor truthers will be destroyed before Christmas. They will not survive this and frankly, I am a honey trap. We are waiting for them to make the mistake of deplatforming me so we can let loose the Dogs of War (a combination of my lawyers and you) and the Patriot Streetfighters (love everything about Scott McKay who may join our tour with his own coach — go over to his site and donate to him if you want to encourage that, I am urging him to not do ticket events, make everything free as we are based on advance donations and the expectation that more donations will be inspired by our being there, free, for all to embrace.