National Tour: Next Steps

Tour General

We will begin press releases and disclosure of confirmed participants after Easter Sunday. The next week will be relatively quiet but it is vital that we continue to raise $12K a day toward our $1.3 million necessary budget.

A person of wealth is backing us up — not funding us but we are assured we will never be unable to pay a bill.  A payment plan with the coach company has made this relatively easy to manage, the first wire of $62,500 was done two weeks early to make a point.

I want this tour to be Of, By, and For We the People and my new simplified vision statement articulates my hope for bringing together Trumpers, Sandernistas, Libertarians, Independents, Greens and others to totally displace the DNC and GOP and ensure that Congress as well as state legislatures can never again be rigged or controlled by one party in either chamber.

Here is my Trump Revolution Series. Donald Trump is  our President but he is also committed to unrigging the system and restoring power to the public. Dr. Cynthia McKinney and I about unrigging the system regardless of who is President, and assuring ALL eligible voters ballot access and honest voting.