Caps & Gowns

JUST IN: after weeks of working directly with the factory, I finally have a cap that is low slung and quality cotton.  Look for it to be offered for sale within two weeks at https://qgear.us/unrig/ and also at Amazon.

#UNRIG ball caps are going to be sold by an intermediary for $9.99, a low slung cap that will come in the following colors:

  • RED for Trumpers
  • BLUE for Sandernistas
  • BROWN for Libertarians
  • WHITE for Independents
  • GREEN for Greens
  • GOLD for Constitutionalists
  • BLACK for Everyone

The eagle with flag overlay is embroidered, and the American flag on the back being redundant will not be added, lowering cost. Initially for a surcharge, any national flag (e.g. Australia, Canada) can be substituted for the US flag.

Anyone wearing this cap in any color will be given privileged front section access. We are all AMERICANS.  It’s time we relate to one another, not parties.

My personal dream is to have an even mix of colors engaging with one another at every event (and joining Cynthia’s PowerCell (one for each county and Congressional Districut) as well as CSPOA and MPN and so we start the process of eliminating the DNC and GOP and moving toward PEOPLE NOT PARTIES.

As God is my witness and savior and mentor, I am committed to eradicating the Deep State and its  Shadow Government and restoring the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Republic while moving true deep cultural, economic, and political power back to the PEOPLE at the COUNTY level.