Captains’ Log, Star Date 20210329

Captain's Log

This tour, for which Earth Intelligence Network is the sole financial and legal authority, is actually much much larger than me, and forces far greater — from cosmic to earthly — appear to be in play.

Shortly a new website will be active, ARISE.WORLD. That will be the primary “face” for the tour that will be promoted to the media, sponsors, and political and corporate influentials. will be Cynthia (now formally VP of Earth Intelligence Network), and me and our personal means of reaching out to each of you — donors or not — who have an interest in unrigging the system.

I thought to do a Starship Enterprise “Captain’s Log” with a daily message from Cynthia and me, to each of you.

CYNTHIA:  Well, first  off, let me tell you all, I am a Trekkie. Today I spent most of the day wrestling with immigration lawyers and authorities to bring in our top musician. I also iinteracted with a potential partner for PowerCell membership data management, and interviewed a young man with an app for connecting everyone on the planet based on location and interests, and with geospatial visualization.

ROBERT: Today I interviewed our probable tour manager on the revamped tour graphic that adds Native American forefathers in the clouds above Mount Rushmore, did the accounting including manual processing of checks that grow by the number each day, and had several exchanges with two people who could ultimately help us connect all minds to all information in all languages and mediums, all the time. I am looking for a location manager who can take the burden from me of organizing all 84 locations in the next 45 days (for the first third of the tour, then rolling forward for the rest).  The highlight of my day was making editorial changes to the epic cartoon poster coming out in a day or two in which we should Cynthia McKinney and Donald Trump in Braveheart battle dress uniting 100% of our voters in front of Mount Rushmore. 120 stars are being confirmed by name and by stop and date this week.