Captains’ Log, Star Date 20210330

Captains' Log

CYNTHIA: Well, today, was a repeat of yesterday and I missed a meeting because I was still wrestling with the immigration lawyer.  Not really wrestling, just engaged.  We continue to get  PowerCell and Musicians emails. Secondly, I always loved the 7 of 9 storyline because I found The Borg to be so relevant to what I was experiencing in the political world.  And now, they literally want to hook all of us up to the Central Processing Unit!

ROBERT: Today I did the routine things — but out of the ordinary was signing the contract for a Tour Manager at $5K a week, he will subcontract two permanent crew members at $2,500 a week, and be responsible for carrying, setting up, breaking down all audio and staging while also overseeing all logistics from buses to locations to hotels. I went to the bank to create an operational account for EIN that will issue debit cards to four drivers, three crews, and the Tour Manager for use on gas and miscellaneous. I did an interview on the tour that has been posted, and a duet interview with Scott Kesterson who has seven tactical and seven strategic concepts for Making America Great Again that just blew me away.That interview will be posted tonight as well. The highlight of the day was ordering the final changes to an EPIC poster of Cynthia McKinney shaking hands with Donald Trump in front of Mount Rushmore. Look for this tomorrow, it will shake people’s perceptions of where we all are in coming together as a community of people, not parties.