Captains’ Log, Stardate 20210331

Captains' Log


I am working hard to finish up the movie #UNRIG Elections, tentatively to be posted free to the public by the middle of April. After your intervention, APPLE did finally send me my desktop, so in just a matter of days, I’ll actually be able to handle the big video files that this undertaking requires.

Also, had a GREAT conference call with Luke and Alex who are software producers that I believe will allow us to use secure technology to organize for the change we all want to see (hand-held geospatially visualized app for direct democracy).

Now, for the good stuff: I just LOVE these fan productions of additional Star Trek seasons. While surfing the net for good video for the movie, guess what I found: yet another fan production: Star Trek Temporal Anomaly! Appropriately fitting because some people are stuck in the past and don’t understand that the only way we can dig ourselves out of this mess is to grab some shovels and work for change. No one is going to do the heavy lifting for us that we must do ourselves.

People, Not Parties.  Authentic, Inclusive, & Truthful. God Bless America!

ROBERT: I started my day making final edits to the epic cartoon that sets the tone for why Cynthia McKinney is the central supporting actor toward Making America Great Again — she brings everyone left off the Trump Train to the tour.  #UNRIG Elections is the central unifying theme underlying the achievement of Constitutional Counties that defend and enhance Faith, Family, & Freedom. Then I dealt with a visa issues for three people. I approved the international red caps and ordered prototypes for the other colors. I confirmed with Scott McKay (Patriot Streetfighters) the costs of his coach and related items unique to him, and committed to backstopping him the way others are backstopping me.  He needs to raise $250K over 90 days, $50K in next 45 days.  Should not be an issue.  See his HOME & DONATE pages. Then I dealt with Trent Loos and a major Nashville star that could join the tour. The afternoon was sorting out the CSPOA role (which includes lining us up to appear in Constitutional Counties with Constitutional Sheriffs on stage with us and also connecting us to Constitutional High Schools as our event locations), processing checks, and video teleconferencing with some folks representing millions of Americans outraged over unconstitutional and medical malpractice associated with masks, lockdowns, and murder by medical malpractice.