Captains’ Log, Stardate 20210401

Captains' Log

CYNTHIA:  I have traveled the length and breadth of this country and I have seen it for myself:  there is so much talent in the U.S.  I used to regularly feed the homeless community in Atlanta and I can tell you for a fact that there is talent sleeping on the streets of our country!  Why do we boast of our wealth and have a homeless crisis all over the West Coast and in our urban areas??  Clearly, there are people in power who have no empathy.  So, rather than solve the problem, the answer from city to city has been to criminalize the poor—get them out of my face; our tourists don’t want to see that.  People can be cruel and heartless.  This tour is all about my values:  TRUTH, JUSTICE, PEACE, DIGNITY for everyone and Mother Earth.  And that comes from an abundance of love, that we can see beyond how a person looks or what a person says and touch and be touched at the heart.

The Music Director shared with me the musical offerings that have been sent in by local musicians; What Talent!!  I can only think that the people of the US have endured a great disservice.  Our current crop of elected officials and the media have not lifted us up.  We the People have allowed too many of them to push us down—way down into fear, hatred, anomie, and alienation.  Their god is money, but We the People of the #ARISE USA Tour are about love. And, you will feel it as we roll into your town.  Please join us.  We the People are the solution.

And, as for my Trekkie business, I highly recommend for the entire weekend, binge-watching another fan production (with link for Episode 1 embedded):  Star Trek Renegades.  It’s the best and well worth a Trekkie’s time!

ROBERT: I started the  day most pleasantly, coordinating with Sheriff Richard Mack, whom I dubbed “the second most important man in America after President Trump,” on identifying Constitutional Sheriffs for each of our stops who will in turn identify Constitutional High Schools where our tour will be welcomed without having to think about permits or portapotties. Then I turned to putting out fires.  The Zionist cyber-stalkers (a federal felony) are coming out of the woodwork trying to sow division across all those known to be associated with the tour. We have already passed a funding point — inclusive of checks — that assure our completion of the tour. There are also forces trying to divert the singular focus that Cynthia and I share, toward #UNRIG Election Reform, some trying to make this a Trump victory lap, others trying to make it an international celebrity extravaganza having nothing to do with grass roots America.  On a positive note, Sacha Stone, whom I regard with the greatest respect, is conceptualizing a Born in the USA Truther Show that could be the single greatest counterweight to all of CIA Mockingbird crap and others — from Nashville stars to fire and brimstone pastors — are now asking if they can join our tour. Let me be clear: if I have to choose between Cynthia, who shares leadership of EIN with me, and all others, Cynthia wins every time because Cynthia and I are committed to restoring integrity to the US election process at all levels from local to federal. Nothing else matters more. I ended the day with a preliminary order of $10K worth of #UNRIG caps to be offered on Amazon in multiple colors as well as at the Gear store, and agreeing to a coordinated publicity campaign including many interviews and local radio ads, to start on Monday, 5 April 2021.