Ask Us Anything: Steele Pro-Life, McKinney Pro-Abortion, Say What?

Ask Us Anything

How can ardently pro-life Trump join forces with equally ardent pro-abortion McKinney? Is abortion not as immoral as child sacrifice?

CYNTHIA:  Our goal is to bring people together where they are. The moment you set preconditions for working with each other is the moment the 1% win. Therefore, if we observe the principle that we come together and accept each other where we are, we can tackle the problems on which we have agreement. Immediately, the 1% point to the differences in a population and then they win.

Perhaps, we start by working together on the problems that are larger than each of our communities separately. Magic happens when people create goals and work together toward those goals. Small successes build trust and understanding. Eventually, I suspect that what we’ll find is that it’s easier to work together than we thought. It’s easier to solve community problems than we thought. It’s easier to celebrate small successes than we thought.

The U.S. has been rigged for 400 years; we have been rigged to accept a rigged system. Cynthia is ready to work with everyone. Cynthia has a track record of working with everyone. Check out her books, of which there are many. You will see a slice of Americana represented in her Contributors. Are you ready to unrig yourself? Are you ready to work with those who are unlike you in order to solve the pressing problems of today? That is the question.

ROBERT: Cynthia accepted my invitation to join me in championing #UNRIG Election Reform Act as a national goal because that is the single most important means of restoring the integrity and legitimacy of America at every level of governance. How we might feel about abortion, Donald Trump, fat people, transgenders, all of that is secondary. Cynthia and I agree on the fundamentals of America First, power to We the People, Constitutional Counties, and the urgency of restoring Faith, Family, & Freedom.

On a personal note, I have been on both sides of the abortion issue, and I have seen the suffering that can be inflicted on a person forced to have  a child from rape or in circumstances  that are horrific for both mother and child.

Judge not lest you be judged.

We need to accept one another in Jesus name, and not sweat the details.

Nothing matters more than America First, restoring the Constitution and the Family, and I will tell you that Cynthia as a good Catholic girl is not at all pro-abortion. The Zionists and others have defamed her and sought to divide us all with lies. Never, ever, accept a negative comment about either of us without a) considering “who benefits” if this is a lie and b) asking us directly.

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