Captains’ Log, Stardate 20210402

Captains' Log

CYNTHIA:  Yesterday, I wrote about the homeless problem in the U.S.  Well, we also have a justice problem, too.  Because the Supreme Court decided to basically let Hillary walk, I want to just refresh your memory on some of her crimes committed while we–the taxpayers–were paying her:  overthrow governments (Honduras, Ukraine), install puppets (Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti), change election results (USA, Haiti), destroy whole countries and steal their gold/lithium (Libya, Bolivia), defend their friends who are stealing little children from foreign countries, start wars, Balkanize countries (Kosovo from Serbia) and get away with it; also know that President Trump did nothing to exact justice on behalf of the millions of her victims.

Therefore, We the People should be ashamed of ourselves for what we’ve allowed our so-called leaders to get away with.  Justice is an action word and this tour will exact a small measure of justice, hopefully, by getting people to think differently about their relationship to government and governance.  (Please see my book with embedded link, How the U.S. Creates “Sh*thole” Countries.  Resistance is not futile; it has become a way of life for me.

Now, as a Trekkie, of course I loved Uhuru—I think everyone did!!  But, did you know that Uhuru is Swahili for FREEDOM?  That’s what this tour is about and that’s what the U.S. Deep State is trying to steal from us:  Freedom.  We are going on the road to demonstrate that we all still have our freedom.  The ARISE USA Tour is our way of showing those who are still blind that this is a FREEDOM-loving country and by golly–what was that Charlton Heston said??—the only way you’ll get it from us is you’ll have to pry it from our cold, dead hands .

ROBERT: Well, I thought a Captains’ Log was about what happened during the day but I guess it makes sense for it to also offer up reflections. I spent a third of today dealing with the Tour Manager who is hiring crew and scoping out staging and audio providers and setting up the very complex Master Tour app; and doing my normal accounting including check processing, and I finally got started on the spreadsheet for exact locations and contact points for the first ten stops.  Sheriff Mack and I will work closely with others to try to stop at high schools located in Constitutional Counties but if that is not possible we will be guided by all of you. The Steele Report on Monday contains some of my homework for the below event on 17 April that is in essence a deepening of my vision statement and a practice run at a stump speech (but I don’t expect more than 10 minutes on stage each stop, the key is for perhaps ten different people to share a bit of themselves with the audience, through in some music including a sing-along, and let magic happen. Am not asking you to sign up for The Steele Report, I plan to publish this particular set of reflections on this website after it appears for subscribers on Monday.

The below event is in my own mind the actual start of this tour.

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