Penny Kelly: Vision Statement

Vision Statements

My vision is a world that nurtures human potential and full development.

After watching the slow degeneration of government, finance, education, the courts, the family, and many of our critical institutions, it became clear to me that a whole new kind of world would eventually need to be created. It was also clear that a new kind of consciousness was needed or we would end up creating the same problems all over again. Toward these ends, I have spent many years teaching people to develop and expand their consciousness.

I started out as an engineer for Chrysler Corporation and left that after a full, spontaneous awakening of kundalini. I returned to school to study the brain, consciousness, perception, and cognition, which led to becoming an Educational Consultant specializing in Accelerated & Brain-Compatible Education. A degree in Naturopathic medicine followed, while also farming, writing books, publishing, and maintaining a global consulting practice. My goals are to teach the world about the mind and consciousness, foster common sense, develop personal responsibility, and help build a world that nurtures human potential and full development of all life. Only then can we rebuild our country, our institutions, our communities, our families, and ourselves.

What would a new world look like? It would look like a governance system based on personal responsibility; a food system that feeds everyone; education that brings out the brilliance and gift of each person; medicine that does no harm; science that that is in service to the development of humanity; cooperation instead of competition; real work instead of jobs; an economy in which everyone is taken care of; a true history; technology that does not destroy people, plants, animals, or habitat; and relationships that work whether in the family, the community, the planet, or across the galaxy.


Patriot: Penny Kelly