Robert Steele: We Wish Cristina Tobin Well, We Have NOT Accepted Her Invitation to Speak at Fair and Balanced 2021


Cristina Tobin invited Cynthia McKinney and me to speak at Fair and Balanced 2021 in California 3-4 July 2021.  We have NOT accepted her invitation because that conflicts our tour.

Below is my kind message to her.

Christina, I have admired you from afar for many years. The #UNRIG program that Cynthia and I developed at explicitly includes your free and equal ballot access. Please note our tour dates and places in the attached and also at the website, and please note that you are personally invited to ride with us as much as you wish and particularly when we are in your home state.

We will be on tour and at Mount Rushmore on 3-4 July so it will be impossible for either of us to join you BUT we will have a TV studio coach as one of our five tour coaches and it will be a simple matter to either pre-record something for you or beam us in live and interactive for an hour if that is acceptable to you.

I expect to win this fight and you will have been one of my inspirations. I welcome your suggestions and help in connecting to other election reformers across the land, I have a full time person working on loading content to and I would be absolutely delighted to load anything at all that you wish to send me to that website.

I venture to draw your attention to one of our tag lines: #UNRIG STOP THE $DONATIONS$. We will be telling everyone who listens that it makes no sense to donate a penny to any politician or party as long as we are in a rigged system. We need to completely dry up ALL funding for the DNC and GOP (and there is no point to funding Independents or Libertarians either absent integrated 12 point election reform).

I honor you. You are an original.

Our 12 point manifesto is here: — nothing would please me more than to have your help in updating it in the aftermath of the Election 2020 debacle, and to do more in tandem with you toward my goal of a Congress in 2022 that is 1/5th Trumpers, 1/5th Sandernistas, 1/5th Independents, 1/5th Libertarians, and 1/5th all others. The attached cartoon captures my vision.

Very respectfully,