Captains’ Log, Stardate 20210403

Captains' Log

CYNTHIA: I am in a cocoon today.  My new Apple monster video computer and the movie have eaten me up and will spit me out in a few days. Robert, who is our house Trumper, has asked me to recruit twelve non-Trumpers for the UNITY TOUR and that is very much on my mind.

ROBERT: The day started as it usually does dealing with emails from Sacha Stone who is in Indonesia (12 hours off my time zone) and Cynthia McKinney. I confirmed a part-time publicist and made first payment; approved and set up inclusion of Anna Von Reitz and her American States Assembly movement across the tour; and established with Cynthia that we will have a one hour opening act of local musicians and aspiring people’s representatives who are NOT from the DNC and GOP.  I cannot overstate this enough.  DNC and GOP are shit. The have no place in the future of American politics. Working with Cynthia I crafted the below and we took out GREEN (Juan O. Savin’s original suggested term), replacing it with a Ben Franklin $100 bill image that is legal in both non-counterfeitable form and size.

I then did several important posts including Scott McKay’s bio, and finally turned to the online donations and balancing my books for the day (our CPA loves me, I reconcile books with bank statement every single day which makes it easy to catch small typo errors in income or expense entries).

Beginning Monday our Tour Manager, Jon Stensland, will be doing a Tour Manager’s Report, perhaps daily, I think our donors and followers will find that very educational — we are pulling off a tour with 30 days notice that normally takes a year to plan.  We are going to succeed because Cynthia and I and Sacha and Richard Mack and Leigh Dundas and Trent Loos and Scott McKay and others are bringing to bear respective lifetimes of personal networks.

I moved $10K into the operational account for the Tour Manager’s use, for example, getting a subscription to a virtal app/program “Tour Manager.”

Do not donate again if you have already donated — instead get three others to donate!, $100 recommended (or $107 for the Savin crowd), Cynthia and I just approved a variation of the below for the back of one of the buses, will be a tour sponsor.

TRUMPER CHALLENGE: Find a Libertarian, an Independent, and a Sandernista. Buy them a drink. Invite them to show up.  I just put down $16K to move the multi-colored #UNRIG caps into Amazon, we go hot on caps in three weeks.