Certificates – if you did not receive


Since we started fund raising on 14 March I have been drowning in emails and automating the certificate process was one thing we did to try to ease my burden. We seem to have dropped some names as part of that migration.

If you donated and did not get an email asking you to complete a form, we will do a manual issuance immediately. Use this email to fix this oversight on our part:


Send in the BODY of the email:

  • Your name as is should appear on the certificate
  • Date donated in form date month year
  • Your county and state (or international district and province or country
  • Permission to list on Honor Role (true name, anonymous, or code name)
  • Email to which certificate should be emailed

We are about to replace the eagle on the international certificate with some kind of international flag and global symbol, thanks to Alert Reader for that useful suggestion.

Note: we are finding that some of the PayPal emails do not work, and when checks are  accompanied by scrawled emails I might not be getting them right when they go into the system.  Bottom line: use the Contract Page form to get in touch and I will make it right.