Inspirational: From Billings, Montana


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I have been in this fight to save America for 25 years. I just bought 4th of July decorations. I would love to help set up decor in Billings MT. Let me know how I can help.
I become a delegate, I joined a constitution club. I met sheriff Mack. I grew organic gardens. I studied essential oils, no drugs. I got rid of TV in 2008. I homeschooled my girls as a single mom. I was an alateen sponsor. I coached ski racing and Girls on the Run program. I pray every day all day for this country. I have followed Robert for a long time God Bless him.

Robert Responds:

You were not waiting for me, you have been waiting for WE.  Donald Trump — with integrity — and Bernie Sanders — without integrity — have opened the door for Trumpers and Sandernistas to reject the 1% and join with Libertarians and Independents and others to take back the power.  I have been waiting for YOU! God Bless America — Faith, Family, & Freedom!