Laura Eisenhower: Vision Statement

Vision Statements

I have felt a calling since I was a child, to protect the organic Ascension timeline and to help others to discover greater purpose and meaning in their lives.  I hold a vision of helping people to deprogram and free their minds from social engineering and divide and conquer agendas.  I want to assist others in knowing about our DNA potential, Soul Alchemy, Stargates, Multi-dimensional Cosmos.  Also, Zero point Unified field, herbs and good nutrition & the sciences that remind us about how we can shift from Carbon based to Crystalline.  I seek to help people understand the planetary grid network and the dark technologies that are being used to digress us and siphon our life-force, so we can begin to consciously take our power back.

The lengths that certain hostile beings have gone to, to keep us compromised and enslaved, is more than most people can handle hearing about.  I want to expose it and focus on the solutions and get people excited about what we are capable of creating on Earth and what is available to us, that we have lost touch with, that exists within and in Cosmic and Natural laws.

What it takes to keep these dark agendas in tact, is beyond criminal and in violation of basic human rights, free will and Sovereignty.  We are in a Spiritual War that needs to be won within especially.  My vision is all about building community, healing centers and encouraging people to not sit back and take this abuse and all the fear tactics.  This is a time of advancing as humans and a time for Disclosure, revealing our lost Galactic History and getting in touch with the planetary consciousness, who is supporting our growth as we heal, activate and transform together.

My vision is to help bring out Hidden advanced technologies that are in harmony with Nature and that would completely change the earth 3D paradigm and open us up to the Multi-dimensional beings we truly are.  Free energy systems, reverse of aging and disease, upgrading DNA.  I want to help end poverty, slavery, human-trafficking, pedophilia and help bring about the removal of Cabal members.  I hold a vision of uniting like-minded action oriented people and seek to help folks to open their minds, so we can build this force of light and create long lasting Justice and the Great Awakening.