Patriot: David “Nino Strong” Rodriguez


Never give up and always show up. That was the early life-lesson heavyweight boxer David “Nino” Rodriguez most attributes the success of his career to. Of his 36 professional bouts, he has an impressive record of 34 KOs with 24 of them being in the first round, a number that relieved Mike Tyson of his legendary first-round record.

Rodriguez was born in El Paso, Texas. He first hit the bags and began learning simple combinations at the early age of 5. At age 14 he had his first amateur fight against a Junior Olympic Champion. He was a bundle of nerves and was beat up badly in the first round; but in the second, knocked his seasoned adversary out cold. It shocked the tournament and garnered headlines. But more than that, Rodriguez had now been given the taste of blood, which only served to further fuel his passion for the brutal but beautiful craft of boxing.

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Bottom line: When asked about his secret to such an outstanding boxing career, Rodriguez sites “When I enter the ring, I see through my opponent – I see right through to his heart and soul. I gather myself, remaining calm and calculated, and when the moment presents itself – unleash.” Whether David ever steps back into the boxing ring remains to be seen. But one thing is for certain: he will continue to fight – whether in the ring or out of it.


13 JUN SUN 19 El Paso, TX
14 JUN MON 20 Tucson, AZ
15 JUN TUE 21 Phoenix, AZ
16 JUN WED 22 Las Vegas, NV