Robert Steele: Tuning In and Sharing the Vision

Action Calls

Alert Reader prompted me with these  two questions:

How can we help promote these ideas and quadruple your turn-out at each stop?

This is your tour.  There are five things you can do to take your country back:

  1. Friendly sheriff seeking re-election that will protect us and appear on stage with us
  2. Friendly high school principal that will let us use the football stadium (or if inclement weather, basketball auditorium)
  3. Download and print and display the flyers in storefronts — final locations will be updated on the website
  4. Totally optional, come together and put up a billboard for 90 days (see below).
  5. Also optional, form PowerCells and “Make the Deal” among Trumpers, Sandernistas, Libertarians, Independents, and Greens, particularly.

Where is our Freedom Network/channel, the “one place” you can go to get traction for an idea?

There are people I respect and follow, but they are scattered.  Without putting on airs or claiming stature I do not merit, I believe that Robert’s Web Ecology is as good as  it gets (absent an Open Source Agency under  President Trump) in terms of free citizen education.  Start with BigBatUSA Library

then consider the Trump Revolution Series and Robert’s Amazon Page.

For a graduate education in reality in 90 minutes (video) there is no substitute for this lecture free online discussing 25 cosmic mind-altering books and 25 runner-ups and then 2,000 more non-fiction books in 26 groupings.

Steele on Books & America: Love it or Lose it! VIDEO ++

To access all 2,000+ book reviews use this reference page: Reviews.

Finally, look for the below bar at the top of each of my nine free websites:

Within the above bar, each website name can be clicked on to go to that website. OPT-IN at to get my free daily email with Robert’s Picks, one item from each of nine websites.

The last, The Steele Report, costs $11 a month or $99 a year, and consists of a weekly text report each Monday, generally 2,500 words with links and graphics, and weekly webinar each Saturday, generally 90 minutes, in which I answer questions from subscribers.

You are the Freedom Network.  I am your servant.  Discuss among yourselves and I beg of you, include Sandernistas, Libertarians, Independents, and others in your civil civic conversation about Faith, Family, & Freedom.

People, Not Parties. Authentic, Inclusive, & Truthful.

Communicate with Cynthia McKinney directly at the below email, organize a PowerCell in your County or Congressional District, and fund  the above billboard — I guarantee your Representative will squeal like a pig.

Form PowerCells across the state and do the old fraternity bullet vote trick: collaborate with Sandernistas, Libertarians, Independents, and Greens to agree on EVERYONE voting such that five counties elect a  Trumper, a Sandernista, a Libertarian, an Independent,, and a Green.  Wipe out the DNC and GOP. Create an honest Congress making evidence-based decisions in the public interest. I have a dream. Cynthia has a dream.  YOU are that dream.


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