Captains’ Log, Stardate 20210404

Captains' Log


CYNTHIA: Happy Easter! Please click this link and enjoy this wonderful animated Easter card.

ROBERT: Today I sorted a whole bunch of Certificates that were not delivered, we seem to have dropped the ball across several days while automating the system to save me from drowning.  We now have a dedicated email for an assistant who is doing nothing but Certificates, if you did not get yours, write with your name, date of donation, county, state and permission to list in Honor Roll and thy will be done.

I did an interview with the great Nicholas Neniamin on ARISEUSA! and worked with two journalists on articles about “The Odd Couple’s Excellent Adventure.”

Tomorrow Sacha and I start our daily video meetings and we will start crafting press releases, staggered announcements of those who will be at each stop starting with Birmingham to Dallas, and organizing specific Constitutional Sheriffs and high schools — any Sheriff welcoming this tour is certain to be re-elected. Any Governor or Mayor disrespecting this tour will suffer consequences.

I am looking for point people for finalizing high school football stadiums for the following cities; we are prepared to do two events each in New Orleans, Houston, Austin, and Dallas.

17-May MON 1 Birmingham, AL
18-May TUE 2 Pensacola, FL
19-May WED 3 New Orleans, LA
20-May THU New Orleans, LA
21-May FRI 4 Jackson, MS
22-May SAT 5 Memphis, TN
23-May SUN 6 Little Rock, AR
24-May MON 7 Shreveport, LA
25-May TUE 8 Houston, TX
26-May WED Houston, TX
27-May THU 9 Austin, TX
28-May FRI Austin, TX
29-May SAT 10 Dallas, TX
30-May SUN Dallas, TX

Use the email

if you want to take the lead on our liaison with a Constitutional Sheriff and a local high school amenable to hosting ARISE USA! The Resurrection Tour.