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CYNTHIA: April 4, 2021 was Easter Sunday.  But, that’s not all it was: it was the day that the U.S. government carried out its plan to murder Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  This “Inside Job” also had cooperation from Blacks who were purchased for a price.  This song, “An Act of State” borrows its name from the eponymous book by Coretta King’s attorney who exposed the government plot and secured a guilty verdict from a jury in Memphis, TN.  James Earl Ray was a patsy and there have been a long line of patsies used to cover up U.S. government crimes.  Dr. King was a Constitutionalist; he wanted the Constitution to apply to the Black citizens of the U.S.  Black people were never a threat to this country; but some were manipulated into a frenzy of hate that, unbelievably, led to widespread approval when Dr. King was murdered.

I championed Vic Sadot, also known as the Broadside Balladeer, for his incisive lyrics and and catchy tunes. Here, he tells the truth about the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This song champions William Pepper, who as a young man, befriended Dr. King and persuaded him to become an antiwar activist as well as a civil rights icon. As a result, Pepper felt compelled to get to the bottom of Dr. King’s murder. The shocking facts revealed a plot on the part of the U.S. government to kill one of its own. This song exposes it all, and more. RIP Dr. King, RIP Vic Sadot; God Help the Rest of Us.

VIDEO: An Act of State

ROBERT: Well, if Cynthia feels compelled to mention how MLK was killed by his own government (as were JFK and RFK), I suppose I can make two points before reporting to all of you on the substance of my day organizing this tour.

First, here are two book reviews that bear on the murder of MLK by the USG.

Review: An Act of State–The Execution of Martin Luther King, New and Updated Edition

Review: Death of a King – The Real Story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Final Year

Second, while I never imagined I would be able to raise over $300K for three movies that quickly became four (and now a fifth that will be made of the tour), the fact is that I am producing three movies and the all have a common theme: the plain fact that the US Government is a criminal enterprise that deliberately nurtures treason and high crimes — atrocities — in each of these area:

  • Election Fraud
  • Wall Street Treason & Crime
  • Satanic Pedophilia & Ritual Abuse & Sacrifice

I have asked each of the three directors — Cynthia McKinney, Peter Antico, and Sean Stone — to emphasize US Government (as well as state and local goverment) complicity in treason & crime across all three fronts. The two party tyranny — the DNC and GOP — has disenfranchised 80% of the public and is the primary enabler and cover-upper of Deep State and US Government and state and local government treason & crime. I have said this:

And now to the day’s business.

Today was packed. It started with emails that included finalizing the deal for $16K worth of #UNRIG caps to be available on Amazon by 30 April, sorting through a ton of emails dealing with certificates and locations, and then a long video meeting with Sacha Stone covering 16 different agenda items including graphic updates, tour date corrections, defining the adaptive audio requirements our Tour Manager is getting bids on (I will be happy with 1,000 people per stop but all signs are that this is headed toward 2,500 to 5,000 and in some places more), establishing a timeline for announcing exactly who will appear at each  stop, agreeing on $30K for a technical team deposit I was not expecting but needed to make today, confirmation of the billboard campaign to take down the DNC and GOP by ending all political donations, and agreement on a couple of sponsors including a hotel chain. It was a very stressful day but at  5 pm I got a large number of checks in the mail and I just love the notes and cards and photos that come with the checks, this is for me  the highlight of my day: Checks Received with Americana.  Tomorrow I will be briefed on the musicians that we are contracting for, and what I need to budget for them, which appears to be over $150K and closer to $250K because I extended the tour by one month for maximum effect.