Richard Mack: Vision Statement

Vision Statements

We have heard a great deal about Unity, Civility, and Liberty. But most of the rhetoric surrounding these topics was just a bunch of political jive from 2020 politicians. Most of it was mindless and meaningless dribble and lamentably, it still is. If we are to ever achieve unity as a nation, as a people, we must find some principles that we all agree on and thus, should be guaranteed to all Americans.

There are 28 such principles detailed in the Bill of Rights, principles that were essential to preserving Liberty and Civil Rights.

If the Left, Right, and Middle can examine the historical significance of these rights and the intent of the Framers who penned them, then unity will be the result. We must first see however, that the Bill of Rights was promulgated by the Founding Fathers as a “Declarations of Rights,” that government, all government forever, Could Not Violate! These were rights, principles, that could not be touched by government officials, ever. Yes, that even means during an emergency, crisis, or pandemic! These rights are inviolable and Government has one responsibility in regards to these rights; to protect and secure them.

If unity is ever to be obtained in America, then we must recognize these vital principles and come together in their preservation.Otherwise, unity will never happen and civility will be impossible, and thus, Liberty is the victim. The Bill of Rights and securing Liberty, must be the foundation for unifying our country.