Sample Coach — Six Of Them

Tour General

I was originally planning just three coaches, but now we have five under contract and will be adding a sixth for Scott McKay, his will be unique in that it will be wrapped as a Patriot Streetfighter coach, not as an ARISE USA bus. We will have a 26′ box truck for gear, with a trailer, and Scott will have  a trailer on his coach for his motorbike(s). We are anticipating a mass of motorcyclists joining us all along the way, and are starting to hear of people planning to shadow us

Originally I was planning for everyone to sleep on the buses and shower at truck stops but I am being mentored by everyone I am dealing with. For $180K I added proper hotels with showers and single rooms for each person in the permanent party (between 20-30) which has the added advantage of giving us conference room space for the morning training and town hall sessions — these are free but require registration.  They should also be live streamed.  The afternoon event is free no tickets required.

The  six coaches will have the rear lounges reconfigures to provide a private working area with bed and desk for the primary occupant of each of the six buses; eight condo bunks allow those working in the front lounge to rest as they wish in private assigned bunks.

I bought sixteen of these laptop tables, at least three will be in each front lounge for those who wish to work while seated on a sofa, with the lead assistant having the dinette as their work area.