Captains’ Log, Stardate 20210406

Captains' Log

CYNTHIA: I am focusing mostly on finishing up the movie, #UNRIG ELECTIONS. scheduled for release this month, free to the public because it was funded by donors as are the other three movies bearing on this tour (The Cult of Lucifer, Wall Street Treason & Crime, and Satanic Empire). is still the best way to reach me directly, I am looking for citizen leaders at every stop and everywhere else.

ROBERT: The highlight of the day was the arrival of the sample caps for our earnest effort to get 100% of our citizens engaged in this tour and respectful of one another while joining together to eliminate the Democratic and Republican parties at all levels — they have sold us out and there is NO DIFFERENCE between them — one bird, two wings, same shit. We cannot allow these two treasonous parties that work for the Deep State to control every aspect of our lives — including a rigged election system — while violating the Constitution with impunity.

Another highlight of the day was connecting with Paul Taylor, founder of Melting Pot Patriots, who might join us in encouraging citizens to organize locally to post the rough billboard shown below (cost to locals would be $1500 to $3000 a month depending on location).

I started the Pink Flamingo contest, followed up on Scott McKay’s bus and the driver to be hired for that four month gig, and consulted with the Tour Manager on several items including stage security and credentials for authorized participants both permanent and site specific.

If you have not donated to Scott for his own bus, please consider doing so. While our donors will backstop him, we agreed that he should have his own bus with his own wrap and his own security detail, so he pays those bills.

Scott McKay: Address for Checks

I commissioned another cartoon – poster in support of the tour and coordinated several media placements

Online accounting starts each day and checks end my day. The Americana photos are documentation of the sheer patriotic goodness that is flowing across my desk each day.