Funding Shortfall Related to Musicians

Action Calls

Miss Piggy says:

Miss Cynthia is demanding $150K in escrow for the musicians who have to leave homes and jobs for four months.  Mister  Robert is neutral on this point, they can take the same risk the permanent party is taking, that money will materialize, or not.

It is our intent that no person donate more than once — you will never receive an email asking you to donate again.

So we need  1,500 new donors at $100 each to cover this unanticipated demand. We have enough money for the next coach payment of $62,500 and generally believe we are on track to cover all the bills as they come due — you can help by downloading the flyer and urging your network of friends and fellow patriots to JOIN THE FIGHT! And stop wasting money on politicians in a rigged system, cut them off!  No matter how earnest, they cannot deliver on any promise for so long as the system is rigged and controlled by the DNC and GPO on behalf of the Deep State.

See revenue, expenses, and projected shortfall here: Funding.

Of course we welcome citizen sponsors if anyone has $5K to $25K to spare, we can sort out something special along the way for such donors including a place on one of the coaches across your state and a special group photo.