Message for All Sheriffs From Richard Mack

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Richard Mack here, founder of  We are working hard to get Constitutional Sheriffs re-elected and I have joined with Robert Steele and others to tour the country in support of Constitutional Counties as well as Faith, Family, & Freedom. Some of your constituents have begged us to stop in your county instead of our planned location and Robert is ready to do that if we can count on your support and also find a friendly high school principal that will let us use the football stadium (or in inclement weather the basketball auditorium).

I’d be glad to do a video or cell conference with you on CSPOA.  Robert, who is funding the tour with $100 donations from across the country, is the person to connect to the right high school principal for finalizing the location. A former Marine Corps infantry officer and former CIA spy he is a Patriot with extraordinary qualifications.  All details including the tour map and schedule are at  More about Robert at

Nothing would please me more than to have this tour help you get re-elected!

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ROBERT: This post was designed for individual citizens to send to their sheriffs. The elected sheriffs terrify the Deep State and there are moves being made from California to New York to ELIMINATE elected Sheriffs alltogether. We fight not allow this to happen. See Sheriff Brad Rogers below on why  this matters.

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