Captains’ Log, Stardate 20210408

Captains' Log

CYNTHIA: I am so happy to provide this update on the #UNRIG Elections video which is my last task before going on tour.

I have collected almost all of the stills that will be used in the film. In addition, I have wonderful interviews, excerpts from which, will be dropped into the video. I have engaged voice actors (my friends) to record the Congressional debate from the 1876 hotly contested Presidential election. That is being done by some of them right now as I compose this message. (I think people will be shocked at how similar the content and the tone are to 2020!!) I have selected some videos from which I intend to take excerpts, and I am finalizing the narration. Additionally, I have engaged a young man who works in a video studio to provide some visual effects and yet another young man friend of mine who creates beats has already provided appropriate beats for the musical score. I also have several “Guardian Angels” sitting on my shoulder available at a moment’s notice when I need them. My plan is to have at least one of them vet each of the seven chapters before I consider that chapter finished.

Chapter One will be recorded real soon, then stills and video excerpts added, and then off to one of my Guardian Angels for review.

I apologize for taking so long, but I didn’t even have a decent computer and you all know the problem I had with Apple. Once that was resolved last week, I’ve been rolling!

This is far larger than any video project that I have ever done! I’m learning a lot, telling an important story, and polishing my skills for the next one!

Activists love what they do for the content and the mission; but, it’s nice to be able to pay them for their contributions, too. Thank you for making this all possible!

ROBERT: The three movies for which I collected and disbursed $300K will be released in April (#UNRIG ELECTIONS) and May (Wall Street Treason & Crime, Satanic Empire).  If you have not seen the 1st overview short, The Cult of Lucifer, click on the title and watch it at Bitchute. A fifth and final movie, ARISE USA: The Resurrection Tour, is being made of the tour for release on 6 September, Labor Day, USA Resurrection Day.  Here are the high brow and low  brow versions of the opening short movie.

This morning, apart from accounting, I tended to Cynthia McKinney, who needed reassurances on the musicians and the tone of the tour (inclusive not just Trumpers like me); Richard Mack, who has concerns about the dillution or corruption of the message; and Scot McKay, who is ready to sign the contract for his bus (or I might sign for him as he has not raised enough and we need to do a 4 month contract or the best driver will not give notice on their current job).  I have  been gratified by the number of people who are using the Contact form to get in touch and help identify Constitutional Sheriffs and high school principals who can host us.  All locations will be nailed down 30 days in advance of arrival and the information posted to our interactive map that is under construction.

I am spending the afternoon creating my Earth 4.0 lecture.

I was depressed over the very low online donation total today but that may be because we are now taking credit cards and many do not like PayPal. The checks lifted me up, and nothing makes me happier than to hold in my hands the heart-felt words of Patriots across the land.  My prayer is the one day all citizens who now think of themselves in terms of a political party will abandon that notion, and see themselves as Patriots, One Nation, under God.

PLEASE help us recruit new Founding Citizens at $100 (or $107) a pop.  If we don’t make $12,000 a day every day, we will run into shortfalls on the road.

CHALLENGE: Use the below cap photo and cartoon to reach out to Sandernistas, Libertarians, Independents, Greens, Constitution — or None of the Above (Black).  Share the link to the website and tell them we are INCLUSIVE and seeking to unite and empower ALL citizens with full voice and vote.