Robert Steele: Our Strategy for The Resurrection Tour

Vision Statements

I hope you all realize I am a punching bag and taking crap from all sides as I seek to bring all of us together to restore the Constitution and individual sovereignty; as well as full voice and vote for 100% of all citizens (instead of the 20% now manipulated by the two-party tyranny that also disenfranchises 80% of the public).

We cannot restore democracy if we make this all about Trumpers only.  I am a Trumper to the death but I am also a thinking citizen.

Our political landscape is shown below.  We have all been disenfranchised.

The ONLY way we can triumph and restore the power of the informed engaged citizen is if we bring together the POPULISTS of the right (Trumpers) with POPULISTS of the left (Sandernistas) with Libertarians and Independents.

We should also strive to mobilize at least half of the DROP-OUTS and engage the preppers and others who are certain the rigged system cannot be unrigged.

I am not a politician. I despise most — not all politicians because they are fronts for the 1% and most — not all — are being bribed, blackmailed, or brainwashed into betraying the public trust.

Sandernistas as not socialists. They get that Bernie Sanders sold them out and made the deal with Hillary Clinton and then Joe Biden, both of whom are fronts for the bankers who are the managers for the 1%.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Our common enemy is the 1%. I ask all of you to  take a leap of faith and embrace the possibility that we need everyone depicted by the caps below —

GOLD: Constitution; BROWN: Libertarian; WHITE: Independent; GREEN: Green

RED: Trumpers; BLUE: Sandernistas; BLACK: None of the Above

The below cartoon is symbolic — an educational vision of what is possible.  This is my dream — an honest Congress in 2022 making evidence-based decisions in the public interest — 1/5th Trumpers, 1/5th Sandernistas, 1/5th Libertarians; 1/5th Independent; 1/5 all others.