Captains’ Log, Stardate 20210409

Captain's Log


ROBERT: Today I cancelled the musicians, not just to save $204,000 we did not have, but because it became clear there was a major conflict emerging between the musicians expecting to play most of the time, and our view of this as an activist conversation tour, not a band tour. We now plan a one hour pre-show featuring local musical talent, and an automated playlist between speakers. Today I turned over location management to  Trent Loos, whose national network will ensure that every location is red, white, and blue. I worked with our program team to advance the deal with Marriott for over 3,000 room nights for us, and another 9,000 discounted rooms for those flying or driving in for a specific stop. Finally I confirmed Scott McKay and his plans.   Am training my wife to do checks and Americana while I am on the road. I am thrilled that my younger son is moving back in — he has a good job, but his roommates are giving up on the fraternity house, so he will take over the basement while I am away. This is a comfort to me.