Captains’ Log, Stardate 20210412

Captain's Log

CYNTHIA: Pending (and working very hard to finish up the movie).

ROBERT: We are now officially under concerted attack by a range of malicious actors who are also attacking other truthers (such as those brave doctors exposing the criminal nature of the CDC). The attempt to disconcert, divide, and thus conquer was expected and has been thwarted.

Trent Loos continues to move forward with site planning.  The tour manager has added a generator to our kit because some of our shows will be hosted in the middle of private ranches or farms.

We are NOT going into the big cities but rather to Constitutional Counties outside the big cities. Shortly we will do another call for crowd-sourcing final locations.  We are closing in on a deal with a hotel chain. is the email for our legal assistant who will be documenting in detail all malicious defamation, cyber-stalking, and tortious interference.