Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210413

Action Calls, Captain's Log

ROBERT:  Trent Loos has taken over as ground commander, and is responsible for the final selection of all locations for the afternoon show.  We are in the final stage of a hotel deal for the morning conferences.

We need tactical ground commanders for the following locations immediately, please send email to

if you want to step up and be a leader actually engaged in the tour of the century.

Our ideal combination, always on the OUTSKIRTS of the listed town, is a Constitutional Sheriff and a high school principal ready to lend us the football field and stadium suited for 500 – 2,000 people.

17-May MON 1 Birmingham, AL
18-May TUE 2 Pensacola, FL
19-May WED 3 New Orleans, LA
20-May THU New Orleans, LA
21-May FRI 4 Jackson, MS
22-May SAT 5 Memphis, TN
23-May SUN 6 Little Rock, AR
24-May MON 7 Shreveport, LA
25-May TUE 8 Houston, TX
26-May WED Houston, TX
27-May THU 9 Austin, TX
28-May FRI Austin, TX
29-May SAT 10 Dallas, TX
30-May SUN Dallas, TX
31-May MON Dallas, TX