Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210415

Captain's Log

I was obliged to cut one coach from our package when Dr. Cynthia McKinney declined to commit for the full tour. It is my hope she will remain co-signer of the certificates and will appear at some of the mega-events we have planned (at least 12 no more than 24) with the other stops being focused on connecting with people rather than putting on a show. I cannot overstate the esteem in which I hold the gentle lady from Georgia and wish her every possible success going forward on her chosen path that has diverged from ours at this time.

We have some extremely exciting black leaders talking us about varying levels of participation.  There will be a black and a Native American and a Latino and an American of Asian descent welcomed on stage at every single stop, along with veterans of the military, law enforcement, and other first responders.

Perhaps most importantly, and I have been working very hard on this for over a month, we have confirmed Sheriff Richard Mack for almost every stop and his coach will be especially wrapped in the Constitutional Sheriffs motif — see that banner and join CSPOA today as a member of the national posse.

My Patriots Network and its free county forums are replacing Dr. McKinney’s PowerCells as the central local organizing instrument.

Caps are going on sale tomorrow, look for the link in a special post tomorrow.

For all who keep asking about specific locations, please be patient.  Trent Loos, our ground commander, is lining up fairgrounds and paddocks and high schools and our intent is to NOT announce specific locations until two weeks prior to each event.  Our hotels WILL be announced in advance and registration for free conference seats will be required to avoid disappointment. I expect all conference events at all locations to be live-streamed.

No one has ever done this before. I am God’s instrument —  there is no way I could be doing all of this without divine intervention and the mentoring and assistance of over 120 influencers that have agreed to participate at their own expense to help #UNRIG Election Reform Act be imposed on the federal, state, and local governments, along with Constitutional Counties and a reinstatement of Faith, Family, & Freedom (as well as Farms and Firearms) as the foundation planks for America the Beautiful.

I am spending the rest of the day finishing up my briefing for 17 April, physical seats in this no mask locality are sold out but live streaming registrations remain open.

The Steele Report: For Public Conversation is here online for a preview of the substance of what I will be covering — and then some more.  I plan to speak for four hours.  I will not repeat the ideas in the references at the following link:

Robert Steele: My Vision for America — and the World