Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210415

Captain's Log

I deal with money and I hope you are all finding my transparency and accounting satisfactory. I also deal with the logistics of the coaches and their wraps and the contracts and insurance and so on.  Trent Loos is dealing with locations. We have someone working the hotel contract. Today I have to decide on whether to cut the coaches from 5 to 3 (not counting Scott’s coach that he is paying for with our help). This is getting “too big.”

Beginning Monday we will start confirming locations, starting with the first leg from Birmingham to Dallas.  Generally speaking we will NOT announce locations until two weeks before the event. It looks like we WILL require online registration for the  FREE mmorning conference tracks and we might or might not ask for voluntary registration for the FREE afternoon stage event as a means of gauging need to security and crowd accommodation including our scalable audio system. Because Trent Loos, our ground commander, is so well connected with fairgrounds and paddocks across the country, it is beginning to look as if half our events will be at such locations rather than high schools.

An interactive map should be up next week at which time we will announce the locations of the 12 “mega” events, and begin connecting each of the 84 map locations to a page with precise information on who will join  the Permanent Party at each location, both drop in stars and local activists. I am committed in principle to BLOCKING all DNC and GOP candidates who have not co-sponsored the #UNRIG Election Reform Act being introduced before the summer recess, and WELCOMING Independent and Libertarian candidates to the state. This is an educational tour about our RIGGED SYSTEM. The two graphics below capture my personal views on what’s wrong and what needs to be done.  I urge one and call to join CSPOA (fee) and My Patriots Network (free).

I have received preliminary reports on the three movies funded by donors (different from donors for this tour) and all of them are scheduled for release in April (#UNRIG Elections) and May (Wall Street Treason & Crime, Satanic Empire). The web sites supporting each movie are available now for looking at raw interviews, mirror videos, and articles relevant to these three criminal domains where local, state, and federal officials are all complicity in treason and crime — enabling, participating in, and covering up these crimes including the trafficking, torture, cannibalization, and incineration of children.

I am interested in feed-back on whether the below two cartoons should be on the coach wraps.  I am inclined to keep 5 coaches because I think this tour is taking on a life of its own and we will run out of passenger space if I cut to 3.