Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210416-A

Captain's Log

Today I signed the contracts for the four coaches with the fifth coach turned over to Scott McKay who will be completely independent but has committed, as has Sheriff Mack, to every stop on the tour less a couple of prior engagements.  You will all be STUNNED as we roll out our new black personalities for the Atlanta departure and our 90+ influencers and stars for 12-24 mega events interspersed with 60-72 more relaxed “fair ground” citizen connectivity networking events.

At midnight last night we were digitally assassinated — deplatformed — by PayPal.  I will spend the rest of the day setting up a legal attack on PayPal for Monday. Below is the email I just sent to the last donors processed by PayPal:

ARISE USA Deplatformed by PayPal, Your Donation Did Make It Before Our Assassination at Midnight

Robert Steele: DEPLATFORMED by PayPal — Am Striking Back — Checks Are Best Way of Donating

Deeply grateful to all of you, and delighted with both the many 107s and the several $500-1000 donations.  Happy to do additional gift certificates for Founding Citizen friends for those donating over $100-107.

If you did not already complete  the form for your certificate you should get an email shortly from our automated system and I am always here for you.

The tour will prevail — it is starkly apparent that being deplatformed by PayPal is an attack by the DNC/GOP/ADL and others who fear the 99% and our love of country.  They are also frightened that my concept of uniting the populist right and populist left with Independents and Libertarians, while rolling out Constitutional Counties made possible by Constitutional Sheriffs (Richard Mack is the second most important man in America after President Trump) and confronting Cultural Marxism with its opposite — Faith, Family, & Freedom (and Farms and Fireams). The tour, ARISE USA The Resurrection Tour is clearly frightening the Deep State and its surrogates now including PayPal.

Donald Trump made all this possible but no one else — NO ONE ELSE — is actually putting a war caravan on the road with such heroes as Trent Loos, Scott McKay and 90 names to be announced over time.

I ask for no more money from each of you.  All conferences and stage events will be free.  What would help me if is you share this email far and wide, urging others to visit and if so inclined, DONATE via CHECK to the address shown here:

I have blind cc’d the most important alternative news media personalities, and welcome their considering mention of this travesty: the digital assassination attempt against a tour that is Of, By, and For We the People, calling for election reform, constitutional counties, and the reinstatement of faith, family, & freedom. 

Had PayPal sought for a million years to do the one thing that would personify it as Luciferians and an object of scorn and derision not be trusted, they have hit upon the one thing at the one time against exactly the right person and I will from this moment endeavor to show them to the world for what they are: untrustworthy shits.

With a smile — we will prevail,