Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210416-B

Captain's Log

Standing in for Robert, who is traveling.

Today Robert contracted with a lawyer to deliver a certified letter to PayPal CEO on Monday, he can reverse the deplatforming probably done without his knowledge or be the lead defendant by name in a federal lawsuit.  Interestingly, Robert’s webmaster was deplatformed with the same form, and there is now evidence that people that Robert paid or received large donations from are being deplatformed by PayPal with same form.  Talk about conspiracy ripe for federal discovery!  Go, PayPal, Go.

Robert signed the new coach contracts reflecting the transfer of one coach to the financial responsibility of Scott McKay, and also the payment already of $120,000 for the coaches, just $430,000 to go.  Please keep the checks and wires coming but only if you are a new donor, we do not encourage multiple donations by  the same person. We do accept $5K to $250K donations, all tax deductible, and offer any combination of perks desired including rides with Robert & Trent, Sheriff Mack, or Leigh Dundas and the ladies of mercy and truth.

Robert reviewed and sent back for additional information the audio contract bids in the $130,000 range, discussed potential savings with the Tour Manger (such as killing the gear truck and driver in favor of a trailer towed by one of the coaches).

Robert encouraged both Trent Loos and Leigh Dundas to start their own fund-raising campaigns as Scott McKay has, people will trust them and donate to them that might not donate to Robert, so we are diversifying funding intake channels. Zelle and several other funding channels will be added, meanwhile PayPal’s tortious interference is costing us $10K in lost donations, a jury trial will decide the damages if PayPal CEO does not clean his own stables.

Robert finished training his wife, who will process checks and keep the office running while Robert is on the trail.  Keep the checks coming (new donors).

Robert traveled to West Virginia and at a dinner meeting explicitly said he is NOT running for President, his dream is to be the founding director of the Open Source Agency under President Donald Trump, and perhaps a future Deputy Vice President for Education, Intelligence, & Research. Robert considers himself an educator and healer, see his vision for a Smart (Healthy) Nation here:

Smart Nation Vision – By Invitation

A spirited engagement with the youngest person at the evening event revealed that too many young people really really think Robert still works for the CIA. Subsequent discussion among the older persons present revealed their shared view that young people don’t read books or do critical thinking, such as evaluating Robert’s long-standing condemnation of most of what the CIA does.

NOTE TO CIA: Time to fake my death — or really kill me.  Wife still has the life insurance policy, you decide.

At the same dinner mature individuals pondered the unusual withdrawal from (but not formal departure from the tour) of Dr. Cynthia McKinney from the tour, given Robert’s near worshipful attention to her. Three possibilities were discussed:

01 She’s mad over the firing of the musicians and Robert’s stopping her from hijacking the tour for the Cynthia Band Tour.

02 She’s planning to run for Senate and does not see the value of helping unite the rest of America.

03 She’s been working for the Mossad all along and her whole Palestinian humanitarian schlick has been cover for action. Multiple people have commented that the combination of her pulling out and the PayPal deplatforming MUST be considered as related events.

Robert has no direct knowledge. He wishes her well, she will continue to be his original #UNRIG partner, and if one day she returns to service for the public, she will be welcomed back. On balance Robert think’s she’s just in a funk and hopes she heals and returns to us soon.  She has not quite, praise the Lord.

In late evening work hours Robert finalized the draft letter to be delivered to PayPal CEO on Monday, and also published by Robert.  Robert also edited the press release that is going to bomb the world in very interesting ways the censors cannot stop, on Wednesday if PayPal CEO does not overturn the deplatforming without his knowledge by one of his subordinates working for the ADL, CIA, DNC, FBI, GOP or George Soros, take your pick.

As he went to sleep Robert dreamed about the forthcoming MedBeds cartoon, in which Donald Trump herds sheep toward the MedBeds, as they jump through they become lions and lionesses.


Steele (in his CIA disguise as Miss Piggy) Sends.