Legal Notice: Seeking Co-Plaintiffs Against PayPal


Joey Gilbert, one of the top attorneys for We the People and a proven fighter, will be our attorney of record for the federal lawsuit against PayPal, if the CEO of PayPal does not disavow and correct the defamation and tortious interference of his subordinates responding to direction from enemies of the public interest.

Anyone who receives a deplatforming notice from PayPal, or is told by PayPal that Earth Intelligence Network “has been disqualified for donations through PayPal,” is invited to send a copy of the PayPal communication to this email:

The simultaneous deplatforming of Jack Mullen, EIN’s webmaster, whose PayPal account was used for the sole purpose of being paid by Robert until we switched to wires, is compelling evidence this is a conspiracy against We the People — someone in PayPal, probably not the CEO, is seeking to derail a non-profit educational tour that stands for everything that is right: Constitutional Counties along with Faith, Family, & Freedom; election reform, ending Wall Street treason & crime, ending trafficking in children, ending lies and human rights violations as well as medical malpractice associated with the fake pandemic and the toxic untested vaccines now causing mass miscarriages, and so on.

PayPal will not fare well before a jury that is months if not years away. PayPal will not fare well before the MASSIVE public denunciation that will begin this Sunday with a live streaming event to be announced later today.

PayPal — absent a CEO correction — IS the Deep State’s prat boy and as God is my witness, the specific individuals responsible for our deplatforming will one day be held accountable BY NAME.

Steele Sends