Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210417

Captain's Log

My voice broke several times during my presentation to a packed house and a global live streaming audience.  I was literally in tears at several points in the presentation, in a good way, but most astonishing to me.  This was NOT expected.

The audience took on a revivalist church tone with many of my remarks receiving both Amens and applause. The greatest applause came when I called for the termination of the GOP as well as the DNC.

The Amens centered on my comments about protecting children and holding federal, state, and local officials as well as white collar criminals accountable for treason. See the Arlington Institute’s live streaming here for $65 now, free on my sites in 10 days if not sooner.

Robert David Steele – EARTH 4.0: After the Defeat of the Empire, The Rise of Humanity as Lords of Light and Love

The graphics are free online right now at

America — the 99% — are ready to roll in force — with truth & reconciliation in their heart — against the 1% and the elected and appointed officials that have sold us all out to the 1%.

The presentation including Q&A took four hours. It was a dry run for my stump speech and town hall meeting that will replace the PowerCell conference track that Cynthia McKinney had promised to offer.  I am going to distill this down to one hour of SOLUTIONS — specific things citizens can discuss and demand going forward — and also turn it into my newest contribution in the Trump Revolution Series.

Multiple questions from this predominantly Democratic audience focused on the return of Donald Trump (buyer’s remorse and a new national transpartisan mood of “We want him back!”); on whether I was running for President in 2024; and on what would happen between now and the 4th of July. My responses were consistently positive and constructive and I frequently expressed the hope that I could serve President Trump as the founding Director of the Open Source Agency — the People’s Intelligence Agency.

The greatest audience appreciation was demonstrated on the two times when I talked about the colored caps and my vision for bringing together the populist left with the populist right with the Libertarians and Independents.

It was suggested that I add a purple hat, I am going to do that.

The public — not just the Trumpers — now “gets” that the system is rigged and the first step to unrigging it is to demand #UNRIG Election Reform.

#UNRIG Election Reform Act of 2020

The public — not just the Trumpers — now “gets” that Constitutional Sheriffs are the near-term answer to federal, state, and local encroachment on the Constitution.  Join CSPOA to get in this fight on that front — encourage others to donate to BigBatUSA to support this tour — use My Patriots Network to find your country forum and engage with other citizens.

We have enough money to get to Dallas. We need to raise another $200K to be sure of reaching San Diego and another $600K, at least, to complete the tour. The PayPal deplatforming has hurt us and if their CEO does not fix this on Monday or Tuesday then we both file a federal lawsuit against PayPal which is defaming us by telling all prospective donors that we are disqualified from receiving funds, and committing tortious interference in our non-profit educational activities that ae long-established and in good standing with the IRS and all others.

Don’t miss the LIVESTREAM today that launch the tour and in passing fry PayPal for its lack of integrity – PayPal merits public scorn and derision for its action.


If you are feeling down and I am not giving you enough hope, read this:

Martin Geddes: The Total Reset of Everything

As God is my witness, America is BACK IN THE SADDLE, our President Donald J. Trump is going to be vindicated and reinstated publicly, and We the People are going to Make America Great Again with my SOLUTIONS and a coming together of the tribes such as President Trump was never able to accomplish with his mediocre staffs focused on a narrow but important demographic.

This is not a Trump tour although my loyalty to President Trump is forever. This is an ARISE AMERICA – The Resurrection Tour — to bring us ALL together.

Today America.  tomorrow Arise.World (under construction by others — my focus through 2032 will remain on America First). We are winning this war but it will take a quarter century to get the USA to where I want it to be.