Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210418

Captain's Log

Today was exhausting in traveling to and then engaging with my mother, who is very much alive. The tales of her imminent death were exaggerated and I learned that not only was she given a clean bill of health after her two falls, but an individual with no authority was seeking to confine her to a hospital for further tests. Fortunately the doctor she was dealing with was ethical, understood the situation, and allowed my fully capable mother to self-release.

I tell this story because the elderly are being preyed upon across the USA and around the world. In the US a combination of a doctor drugging up an elderly person, then a combination of a corrupt “elderly services” person, corrupt police authority, corrupt prosecutor, and corrupt judge can falsely declare the older citizen incompetent, make them a ward of the state, and steal what is left of their personal wealth including their home.

I also tell this story to partly explain my distraction in the past couple of days, and my recognition of the need to simplify my very complex analysis of what is wrong with America and what can be done to make it right, such that everyone can see that the federal, state, and local “bureaucracies” are in fact agents of the Deep State with most — not all — officials captured by the Deep State and working against the public interest.

The federal, state, and local government are complicit in child trafficking, torture, cannibalization and murder; they are complicit in enabling, profiting from, and covering up white collar crime; and they are complicit in preying on the elderly.  They are central in complicity to election fraud which is the primary way in which they disenfranchise the public and seize power illicitly.  If you have not already explored these three sites, please consider doing so:

In a separate substantive development, while I have ceded responsibility for the speaker roster to Sacha Stone as I have for the ground game to Trent Loos, I am in the process of ensuring that a “healer” is included on stage for every stop.

I have also encouraged Trent Loos and Leigh Dundas to accept donations directly to them from those who know them personally, do not know me, and would be more comfortable giving to them.  Just as I pointed donors to Scott McKay — this is not about me and I do not need to touch nor control every dollar. This is about achieving a sufficiency of funding to make this tour happen at scale and without interruption.

I am dealing with hundreds of people who are absolutely certain in their own heart that they “must” be given a speaking spot.  More often than not these individuals have had a personal experience that they are “called” to share.  Not happening. Apart from healers and veterans, our speaking tour has a very specific focus that will be crafted by Sacha in partnership with the “board of directors” that includes me as the Chairman and sole financial authority; Trent, Scott, Sheriff Mack, and Leigh Dundas, as we are the “permanent party” making the sacrifice to give four months of our lives to “riding for America.”


We are also looking more carefully at confining references to Arise.World so as to avoid drawing any attention away from ARISE USA, at least until after Mount Rushmore.  Roughly one tenth of the tour donors are non-US, but roughly one fifth if not more of my global audience is non-US.