Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210419

Captain's Log

A citizen and donor asked about the appropriateness of still having Cynthia McKinney featured in one graphic and two cartoons if she has withdrawn from the full physical tour, and I am delighted to have an opportunity to share with you my answer.

Cynthia McKinney has not quit the campaign, only the physical tour.  At this time she is approved for graphics, certificates — she is co-signer with me — and selected major locations.

However, we are changing the core graphic shortly because she had originally committed to the full tour in person.  Trent Loos and Scott McKay are the new core graphic faces, to appear at every stop with me and Sheriff Mack and Leigh Dundas, plus drop ins.  The core graphic honors “permanent party.”

There will be variations of the graphic for each segment of the tour as top influences — white, black, red, etcetera — are harmonized by Sacha Stone into the ground locations commanded by Trent Loos.

I believe that once Cynthia finishes producing the movie, #UNRIG ELECTIONS, which she continues to deliver to me one chapter at a time in RAW form for donors to see in unlisted form, she will decide exactly how she wishes to be portrayed and the exact level of her participation.

Nothing will reduce my deep respect for her as the most authentic and elegant black leader in America.  I conceptualized and funded the below cartoon in an earlier attempt to get President Trump to talk to her at a time when certain people were blocking authentic black leaders from being invited into relation with President Trump.

If and when Cynthia says to me “remove my image and name from the tour” I will do that.  Very significantly she has NOT given me that instruction. I will not stop using the cartoons.  I conceptualized them, I paid for them, and my lawyers tell me I have all legal rights to their use as political commentary.  If and when Cynthia tells me exactly when and where she can spare time to participate in this tour, she will be welcome. She failed to respond to three emails asking for a final commitment to be present at every stop, which is why I cut her personal coach and turned it over to Scott McKay who is self-funded.

This tour is larger than any single individual including me.