Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210420

Captain's Log

It has been both a rewarding and a tough four days.


2,000 people attending or listening in to Earth 4.0, my four hour presentation of SOLUTIONS that will be distilled to a one-hour stump speech for the tour.

The livestream with Sacha Stone banned by YouTube but preserved here.

$25,000 in donations via check in the aftermath of PayPal’s deplatforming.

A seriously kick-ass letter from Joey Gilbert, our pit-pull attorney for such matters, to the CEO of PayPal, delivered today.


My parents are not as close to death as I was led to believe but they clearly need to go into assisted living. My sister has done the groundwork, my role this week-end was in helping them realize they needed to sell the house and make the transition.  There were some terrible moments in the mix.

I am drowning.  I cannot keep up with the emails.  I have appointed a Cyber-Commander and am now going to have to remove myself from daily contact with individuals in order to focus on handling the the money and my commanders. Please don’t be upset with me for handing over emails to others, I cannot manage this Great Upset at the micro level, I must be at the macro level.

Google is a pain in the ass.  Their stupid system interprets new log ins from new ISPs as hacking attacks because Google is too stupid to conceptualize someone spending four months traveling across 50 states to lead an ARISE USA tour.  So I am suffering substantially from Google’s idiocy, they have gone beyond text two-step which is fine to “you are not allowed to log in because we are too fucking stupid to understand that you are traveling.”

I failed my subscribers to The Steele Report, missing both the Saturday webinar and the Monday report — it is the first and I hope the only time. I intend  to honor my subscribers to The Steele Report while on tour.