Legal Notice: Letter to PayPal CEO As Delivered


OFFICIAL LETTER with Letterhead: PayPal Letter Final

Dear Mr. Schulman,

As of the first minute of April 16, 2021 PayPal terminated my client, Robert David Steele, by terminating the PayPal account of Earth Intelligence Network, a 501c3 educational corporation in good standing with the IRS and also the recipient of a Gold Star transparency award from Guidestar, a leading evaluator of non-profit endeavor competency and integrity. A copy of the termination letter is attached.

Further, it is my client’s understanding PayPal has been informing the public he has been “disqualified.” It is our view such statements are negligent, at best, and defamatory more likely. We have been able to identify no violation of the PayPal Terms of Service by our client, and to insinuate as much is incorrect.

My client is of the view that you yourself are unaware of this terrible instance of defamation and tortious interference that is noteworthy because my client is the leading activist for #UNRIG election reform, holding Wall Street accountable for treason & crime, and for exposing the depth and breadth of child trafficking and torture and murder that takes place with government complicity at the federal, state, and local levels.

This letter affords you an opportunity to immediately rescind the deplatforming and fully reinstate the account that has books balanced daily and whose accounts are overseen by a professional CPA. If you fail to correct this terrible attack on my client’s non-profit endeavors, including ten websites, five movies (four in production) and a national tour ARISE USA: The Resurrection Tour, then we will be forced file a federal lawsuit against PayPal, naming you personally, and begin the process of discovery to get to the bottom of who, exactly, made this decision, and on what basis.

My client appreciates the possibility of error, in that his non-profit has been relatively inactive until recently, when public acclaim enabled him to raise $350,000 in three weeks for four movies, and more recently, over $450,000 going toward $1.5 million, for the national tour with five coaches and ninety personalities contracted to appear, most of the later donating their time. He has fulfilled all promises and provided a public accounting of funds disbursed to all donors as well as to the public.

I invite you to talk to my client directly – he can be reached at REDACTED if you text CEO PayPal first – or to have your Chief Legal Officer talk to me. If this gross abuse of private power is not corrected, we will file a federal lawsuit against PayPal, and seek the full power of legal discovery into the genesis of this attack on my client’s reputation and non-profit endeavors.

Most interestingly, my client’s webmaster, Jack Mullen who does not have my client’s international record of accomplishments, nor an active PayPal account, was terminated with the very same letter.  This suggests a conspiracy to attack not only my client by name, but anyone who has received payments from or donated to my client. We have established an email,, and are in the process of collecting varied inputs from others who have been harmed by PayPal in relation to my client and his non-profit fund-raising for worthy public education endeavors.

We will wait 48 hours from the certified delivery of this letter before proceeding with formal legal actions that may take time but will in our view expose PayPal in a most unfavorable manner to the tens of millions of US and global citizens deeply interested in the ARISE USA tour that seeks to bring together the 99% against the 1%. That you may be under the direct control of the 1% is an obvious public inference to be made if and when we file a legal case against you, and our public education campaign will name you directly as culpable if you fail to afford us relief in this matter.

It is not my client’s wish to unnecessarily litigate what was hopefully a simple mistake, and we thank you for your expected courtesy in correcting this grievous wrong so my client can continue his nonprofit work as he has been for years.

Best regards,



Encl.: As Stated


​PayPal, Inc.
Attn: Dan Schulman, CEO
c/o C T CORPORATION SYSTEM, Registered Agent – Nevada
Carson City, NV, 89701